Established to promote the endowment fund of Graue Mill and Museum

Why an endowment fund?

• An endowment fund is a permanent source of operating funds to support the mission of the Graue Mill and Museum.

• An endowment fund is evidence that Graue Mill is a stable and enduring organization, concerned about its long-term financial health.

• An endowment fund increases the Graue Mill's ability to attract substantial gifts with principal protection from both inflation and spending.

• An endowment fund is one way for members of the Graue Mill and Museum family and the community at large to leave a permanent legacy.

Ways to Give to the Graue Mill Endowment Fund:

Outright Gifts
Cash (check) -- Stock -- Other Appreciated Property

If you are making an Outright Gift of cash, indicate the following:

"Enclosed is my/our gift of $ to the Graue Mill and Museum Endowment Fund."

To be listed as

To remain anonymous
In memory or honor of

Please include name and address if you would like a card sent.

If you would like to make a gift of Stock or Appreciated Property, please contact us by telephone or letter to discuss the procedure to make the gift.

Deferred Gifts
Bequests-- Charitable Remainder Trusts -- Life Insurance -- Pension Assets

Typical language which may be included in your Deferred Gift document: "I hereby gift and bequeath (
% or $ ) of my estate to the Graue Mill and Museum Endowment Fund." Or, "I hereby gift and bequeath the residual or % of the residual of my estate to Graue Mill and Museum Endowment Fund."

If you are leaving your IRA assets to the Graue Mill and Museum Endowment Fund, be sure to do it on the IRA beneficiary forms, not in your will.

Including this gift in your will could generate probate fees and, possibly, tax complications for your executor.

Notify us by letter of your intentions, indicating which deferred gift instrument will be used and a contact person. Contact us at the address below if you need a list of estate planning attorneys in your area with a knowledge of the above.

"I/we named the Graue Mill and Museum Endowment Fund as beneficiary of:"
my/our will
a charitable remainder trust
a life insurance policy
an IRA or other pension asset

For additional information about the Graue Mill Endowment Fund contact:

Eugene Ognibene, Administrator
C/O Betty Melton Associates
7105 Lyman Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60516
Phone: 630-791-2074

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